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    Jim Adams - plank owner. Pictures taken around 1965-1966
  • Jim in St. Thomas (picture)
  • Liberty boat ride to shore (picture)
  • Bridgetown, Barbados (picture)
  • V-6 shop. B. Gillespie, R. Grebenstein, Phillips (picture)
  • Deck of Guam (picture)
  • Picture of Jim (picture)
  • V-6 shop. J. Adams, Henson, Rube, (forgotten name) (picture)


    Jerry Gooch
  • J HMM365 CH46 Feb-Mar 1969 Carib 1-69 (picture)
    Rick Howell
  • Rick Howell (picture)
  • Playing Cards(picture)
  • Picture of the Flight Deck (picture)
  • Guam leaving Gitmo(picture)
  • From the Hanger Deck (coast of Columbia in South America) (picture)
  • From the Hanger Deck (coast of Columbia in South America) (picture)

    Tim Landry
  • Plane Takeoff (picture)
  • NASA helo picking up the nose cone of one of the booster rockets from the Shuttle accident (picture)
  • Trying to look tough. I am the one with the beat-up looking face. I was under a harrier before launch and I got the missile launcher in the face.(picture)
  • Plane on Deck(picture)


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