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2009 Reunion Pictures
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2009 Reunion Kissimmee, Florida
August 31- September 5, 2009

Memorabilia Table

Uss Guam Lph-9 Memories

Dinner At Hooters

John Coburn And Jim Parker

Elizabeth & Tom Walsh

Rosie & Rich Zeimet

Terry & Harvey Spinowitz
(Who's Behind Terry)

Gar & Saranell Braniger

Patty & J.B. Gavin

Richard & Debbie Daggett

Cindy & Frank Walker

Stephen Cassidy

Sharon & Joe Keidel

Al & Joanne Getter

Kennedy Space Center Tour

Kennedy Space Center Welcome

Jim Parker - Rocket Man

Jim & Martha Webb W/ Rich Zeimet

Bernie,Gar,Saranell, Diane,Rosie, Rich, Harvey & Terry

Mary & Skip Singleton W/ Jim & Martha Webb

Deckape Parker

Joe & Sharon Keidel

Buck Buchanan

Frank Walker

Diane & Bernie Brothers

Finally The Bus Arrives

Al Getter

"This Is The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius"
(Skip & Mary)

Last Stop On Tour

Parker & Daggett At Mission Control

Getter Stuck In The Capsule

Mary In Gemini Capsule

Clark Barnes & Al Getter
Admin. Buddies 1968

Dinner At Joe's Crab Shack

"I Thought This Was Kool Aid"

Where's The Crabs?

Ernie, Let Go Of The Waitress!

Sharon & The Balloon Guy

Birthday Boy Getter

Al Getting Some Leg

Birthday Boy John - The Fireman

The Yeoman & The Personnelman
(Barnes & Getter)

The Business Meeting

Ernie Desautel, Brian Affeldt,
Bob Knudsen & Frank Walker

John Coburn & Jim Webb

Kathy & John "Lester" Gibson

Dinner At Charley's Steak House

The Hospitality Room

Cut Him Off!

Gar Braniger & Bob Knudsen

Mary & Skip Singleton

Martha & Jim Webb

Richard Heuer

Our Farwell Banquet

Diana & Clark Barnes

Eileen & Lee Erikson

Frank & Kathy Serio

Bob Knudsen & Frank Serio

"The Raffle Girls"
Terry Spinowitz, Saranell Braniger & Joanne Getter

Color Guard


Gift To Operation Helping Hands
Guest Speaker Captain Robert Silah, Usn, Ret.

Out Going President - Frank Walker

New President - Gar Braniger

Reunion Hosts Terry & Harvey Spinowitz
Thank You!

Scivvies For Bernie And A Red Bra For Diane.

Getter & Barnes

Mary & Skip, Capt. Silah, Frank & Cindy

Rich, Gar & Rosie

Patty, J.B. & Buck

Robert & Lila Juzapavicus

John & Kathy Gibson

Frank Walker, Richard Heuer & Jim Parker

Jim Parker, Buck Buchanan & Al Getter

"The Disney Kids"
Joe & Sharon Keidel

"Let's Twist Again"
Sharon & Joe


Dancing With The Stars
Eileen & Lee Erikson

"The Chicken Dance"
Cindy, Frank & John

Shake Your Tambourine Terry!

Saranell & Gar

Rosie & Rich

Terry & Harvey

Martha & Jim

No Smoking!

Our Treasurer (The Pirate) Counting The Money.

Eileen Erikson Wins Quilt Made By Saranell Braniger

Saranell's Quilt

Patty Wins The 50-50 Drawing

Tom Walsh Wins The Uss Guam Lph-9 Memorial Plaque For One Year.

Uss Guam Lph-9 Reunion Crew 2009

Our Better Halves

Thank You For Your Support

2010 Reunion In San Diego Ca
September 27 - October 2, 2010

Hi Gerry!
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