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2008 Reunion Pictures
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11th Annual Reunion 2008 - Corpus Christi, Texas

Welcome to Corpus Christi, Texas

Having fun at Hooters

Daggett enjoying Hooters

Sarranell And Gar

Harvey and Terry

Al Getter & Donald Clawges

Joe Keidel & the Hooter girls

Richard & Debbie

Skip & Mary

Sharon, is Joe asleep?

Fun times in the hospitality room

Sharon with Frank "The Red Head"

Welcome Skip and Mary Singleton - California

Our Bus Driver

On the way to NAS Corpus Christi

Flight Simulator Instructors

Skip looking for San Diego

"My bus was easier to drive"

Jim, "I said turn right"

"I landed safely"

Which way to Virginia Beach?

"J.B." at the controls

"Mary, I think you've got it"

"Where are the gun controls?"

I think they're both lost!

Flight school graduation day 9-23-08

KIIITV3 recording our lunch at the officer's club

Katy Kiser from KIITV3 interviewing Daggett

Our "Sweet Old Boy" on TV3

Katy Kiser & Skip Singleton

Skip on TV3

"Shellback Al" on TV3

The lunch bunch at NAS Corpus Christi

The lunch bunch at NAS Corpus Christi

Katy Kiser & Plankowner Jim

"J.B." on TV3

The Plankowners Talkin' to Katy Kiser

"The Plankowners"


Buck & Katy Kiser

"Katy Kiser KIIITV3, Reporting"

Shark Attack at Joe's Crabshack

Al, Richard, Joanne, & Debbie


Downtown Corpus Christi, Texas

Another view of the USS Lexington

The Selena Memorial

Welcome to Corpus Christi Beach

Tamale Time with Martha

Tamale Party

Good times in the hospitality room

Are there more tamales?

Tamales and Texas Cavier

The "Snipes"

Cindy & Patti - "The Buckeye State Girls"


More sea stories

Getter and the Lexington

USS Lexington

Radisson Hotel on Corpus Christi Beach

Home of hte Corpus Christi Hooks
AA Affiliate of the Houston Astros

Whataburger Field Home of the Corpus Christi Hooks

Padre Island - Bob Hall Pier

Seagull on Padre Island



Pelican on Padre Island

Crane on Padre Island

Crane enjoying the sirf

Don't send this photo to Dollar Rent a Car

My first visit to Sonic

View from our hotel

Casey checking out the view from his room


Shrimp feast at Pier 99 restaurant

Shrimp feast at Pier 99 restaurant

Margueritas and shrimp

Good times at Pier 99

Getter, Walker, Parker, Signleton, & Dawson

Parker & Walker

J.B. taking a walk on the sea wall

View of USS Lexington from Pier 99 restaurant

Pier 99 restaurant

Parker & Scooby

Entrance to the USS Lexington Museum


Al & Joanne enjoying Corpus Christi

Getter & Parker - California


Ferry to Port Aransas, Texas

Ferry to Port Aransas


Heading to Port Aransas

Returning to the hotel




Skip & Mary Singleton - California

Debbie & Richard Daggett - Missouri

Richard & Marie Hamann - Oregon

Donald "Duck" Clawges

Joanne, selling lucky raffle tickets

Terry & Harvey Spinowitz - Florida

Gar, Richard, & Frank

Buck & Gerry Buchanan - Pennsylvania

Rosie & Rich Zeimet - New York

Nick Yaremchuk Jr. - Texas

The Honor Guard - Corpus Christi, Texas

Martha & Grandson


The Barcelona Boys - Bob Dawson & Alden Southmayd

Bob, Kandi, & Alden

Jim Parker & Gar Braniger

Brenda & Russell Williams - Texas

Richard & Debbie - Missouri

Martha, Cindy, Joanne, & Aranell

Marie, Rich, & Rosie

Russell & Bernie

Jim Parker & Casey Sluys - California

Patti, Saranell, & Gar

2 deckapes, 1 snipe, & 1 typewriter jockey

Joe & Sharon Keidel - Maryland

Harvey & Richard

Al & Joanne Getter
Skip & Mary Singleton - California

Parker & Walker

Fun times at the banquet

Thank you Martha & Jim Webb - Our Reunion Hosts

Alden & Jim

Our Banquet Entertainer - Ruben E. Limas

Getter & Williams

Jim, Joanne, & Martha

Reunion Crew 2008

"Our Better Half" - 2008

Farewell Breakfast - 9-27-08

Farewell Breakfast

Farewell Breakfast

Joanne, Saranell, & Gar - Farewell Breakfast

Bob Dawson & Al Getter - Farewell Breakfast

See you next year in Florida!
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